Financial Cryptography 2012

On another note, I just found out my panel submission to FC2012 has been accepted. I’ll be moderating a panel with Peter Swire, Stuart Shapiro and Travis Breaux. The topic will be legal and regulatory impediments to the adoption of PETs (Privacy Enhancing Technologies). More information to follow.

IAPP Global Privacy Summit

I just found out that I won’t be giving my talk at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit. However, I will be talking soon, again, to the Verizon Architect’s Club. I’m still scheduled to speak at the previously mentioned SAIS conference here in Tampa Florida.

My speech on Monday is going to be about Privacy Architecting, designing systems with Privacy in mind. Specifically I’ll be going over three examples:
  1. Voting: Voting is a simple real world example where one can clearly demonstrate the distinction between privacy and security. Imagine, if you will, a voting system that required everyone to fill out a card with their name, address and votes. These cards were this stored, counted and safeguarded by the Supervisor of Elections. People wouldn’t stand for it. Even if the SoE had a legal obligation to safeguard the vote cards, the risks are too high to where any amount of security was sufficient. No, the system is designed not to rely on security for safekeeping. After authenticating, we cast our ballot anonymously. Even if a gun were put to the SoE’s head, he couldn’t reveal the individual vote of any voter.
  2. Online bookstore: Developing a simple online bookstore is the quintessential programmer’s task (after hello world). In this example, I provide a method of privatizing an online bookstore while still preserving key functionality.
  3. This is a website I’m working on to showcase privacy by design and privacy engineering. I hope to launch it by the end of the year.