Privacy Academy 2011

I attended Privacy Academy 2011 in Dallas last week and it was quite interesting. Met a lot of people and have been contacting them furiously this week (while still trying to catch up on 2 weeks of missed work). While the seminars and lectures were thought inspiring (especially the one on the law of obscurity), it’s still problematic the gap between the legal privacy types and the mathematical/computer science community. I was inspired, though seeing Marc Rotenberg, o EPIC give the headlining speech at the Friday luncheon. He mentioned many people that I admire, such as Phil Zimmerman (PGP), David Chaum (DigiCash) and others. He spoke about the need for PETs and Privacy by Design, which as I’ve mentioned, is sorely needed in the Privacy Professional community.

I did submit a proposal to do a speech on privacy engineering for non-engineers at the Global Privacy Summit next year in Washington. Crossing my fingers that it occurs.