Triple Initial Syndrome

I’ve used the term T.I.S. or Triple Initial Syndrome for years to refer to people’s seeming natural gravitation to using three initials. It appears there is something soothing about three letters places together. It’s sufficiently long to convey actual information but not too long as be unwieldy. I was searching the term the other day and only found a handful of responsive web pages. All of them, perhaps not coincidentally, stem from old school punk bands that fell prey to the syndrome. There are a number of bands than I remember quite vividly from my punk days: C.O.C., D.R.I, M.D.C., G.B.H..  Thinking back, the I initially heard the term T.I.S. from a punk friend of mine back in the 80’s. Clearly this was a term that developed back that I had expected had reached a more mainstream audience but apparently had not. I’ve been using it in reference to corporate America’s propensity for such initialisms for years. It seems almost every conceivable three letter combination has some acknowledged meaning to some corporate constituency.

Cloud Privacy

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written about Cloud Privacy specifically. Wow, 2011? Really! Anyway, the IAPP and CSA deemed fit to hold a joint conference that brought the concepts of cloud and privacy front and center. If you’d like to learn more, head on over to the Collaborista Blog where I share some of the insights I learned.  Here is a preview

Last week I attended a joint conference of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

Matt from the IAPP.
Matt from the IAPP.

and the Cloud Security Alliance(CSA) in San Jose, California. Cobranded as the Privacy Academy/CSA Congress, the joint conference recognized the increasing importance and interdependence of the two disciplines, cloud security and privacy. The barely three day event was filled with nearly 100sessions, including six keynote speakers and nine preconference workshops. Choosing which sessions to attend was almost as hard as defending the cloud from cyber-attacks; there were just too many interesting topics.- See more at:

As soon as I have some space time, I’ll be devoting a lengthy blog here to the problem of collective action in cloud contracting and its impact on security and privacy.