And the winners are…

The project I was assisting with, InformaCam, wasn’t quite ready for prime time at the end of the day, but several great project were. Some of the awards that were given include:

Best scanning project: TOSback – it scans privacy policies from thousands of sites and uploads it to github to monitor changes over time.

Best education project: privacy bucket – gives a detailed ongoing analysis of the information the sites you visit think they know about you.

Best control project: an easy to use encrypted chat system that supports up to 21 users, includes an android application and web interface.

The judges also awarded some impromptu awards
sitescoper – a website that previews a site for you and assigns risk based on how many trackers there are, suspicious keywords, etc

Most ready for prime time: Mobile Scope – a proxy service which essentially performs a man in the middle attack for YOU so that you know what mobile applications are transmitting encrypted from you phone. Perfect for detecting those pesky PATH apps stealing your contact data. The proxy could also corrupt the data before sending on to the app owner.

The zuckerburg opportunity of the day award to pestagram a combination of instagram and pinterest. It changes the context so that images most people assume are private (in Instagram) they come to realize are actually publicly available.
best listener award – privacy bucket take off with $$$
cans and strings – ostel