IAPP KnowledgeNet Miami

I’ll be attending the IAPP KnowledgeNet in Miami next Tuesday.  This KnowledgeNet event will focus on a few topics:

Key points from the FTC Privacy Report issued in December 2010
Understanding the changes in the PCI DSS v2.0
Best practices when performing a privacy assessment
Incorporating MA 201 CMR provisions into your third party due diligence process

I’m really insterested to learn the best practics for privacy assesments, since that’s probably most pertinent to me at the moment.  It’ll also be nice to get my first continuning education credits towards my CIPP.  The good and the bad thing about being a Certified Information Privacy Professional is that they require you to keep abreast of changes in the law to keep the certification active.  Its good because potential employers know that you’re knowledge is not stale. The flip side of the coin, for an idependent privacy professional such as myself, is the expense involved.

I’ll certainly report back any interesting items I learn.